Yakutia is included in Top 10 popular Russian regions for ethno-tourism, according to the TurStat Analytical Agency, which identified most popular regions of ethnographic tourism in Russia. The rating is based on data from the analysis of ethnographic offers and ethnographic festivals.

Karelia, the Vologda region, Buryatia, the Irkutsk region, Khakassia, the Altai Territory, the Altai Republic, Komi, Udmurtia and Yakutia enter the top 10 most popular Russian regions for ethno-tourism.

The most popular are ethno-tours across Russia of 7 days long at the cost of 50 thousand rubles and weekend ethno-tours at the cost of 1 to 3 thousand rubles.

In Yakutia most popular are ethno-tours to the Ytyk Khaya ethno-cultural complex, as well as Winter Starts in Yakutia Festival, which takes place December 1- 4.

Ethno-tourism - tours with the purpose of acquaintance with culture, folklore, crafts of the peoples of Russia.