Buluus ENG

Yakutia, 100 km away from Yakutsk. Mid-summer, scorching sun, the thermometer shows over 35 degrees Celsius. Behind the light gap in the dense forest, one can see a flowing river of pure water beneath the mountain and a layer of ice. This is a unique area of Yakutia where even in the hottest weather ice and snow never melt. The place is called Buluus.

This glacier slightly melts only by the end of summer. The overwhelming phenomenon can be seen only in Yakutia. This miracle of nature is surprising not only visiting guests, but also the Yakut people themselves. Buluus is a favorite vacation spot of locals. Where else in the hottest weather, you can run on the ice and play snowballs in shorts or a bathing suit? And those who want to fully cool can get into the ice cave and cool there. Water that flows there has the temperature of +4 and it is really ice water.

How is it possible that snow is not melting in the heat? In fact, it is not just the layer of ice, but the lake, which in the summer just does not have time to melt, and in the winter (paradox) does not have time to freeze completely.

Buluus is one of the most popular attractions in Central Yakutia.  It is quite difficult to convey the impression of a visit to this place. You must see it with your own eyes; hold the snow in the hot summer and feel delicious coolness yourself!


Andrei Shilov